Chile Cloud Breakfast

Gigas organized two meetings of  “Chile Cloud Breakfast”. Both calls were a success, exceeding initial expectations, demonstrating the growing interest of Chilean companies in the Cloud technology.

The presentation was in a relaxed atmosphere in a breakfast format. The person in charge was Jose Antonio Arribas, COO of gigas, who explained the main advantages of gigas cloud technology provides companies, such as: cost savings, scalability, flexibility, high availability, greater efficiency.

All attendees could see from a practical approach, the main use cases for cloud technology. Practical examples of everyday situations in companies (peak workloads, development environments, etc), where actually the cloud is highly recommended, especially considering the costs and implementation time are reduced.

If you’re one of those people who could not attend the event, or you’re out of place, we encourage you to contact us to assist you in a personalized way, and of course, to keep you in mind in future calls.

To those of you attended the event, thank you very much for your attention and your time.