Cloud Hosting Revolution. We increase resources without increasing prices!

Today we want to present you the last news about our VPS Cloud product range, that will revolutionize the field of Cloud Hosting, making them the most powerful VPS in the market!

From now on, you can still enjoy the baby of our family (nova) with 2GB of RAM and 25GB disk, but for the rest of the plans, we are increasing the resources (RAM and disk) keeping the same prices.

With this promotion, we want to offer a range of options to cover all needs both economically, capacity and performance.

Now more than ever you can enjoy your cloud server to install everything you need without restrictions:

> Install a web server, an email server, your on-line store…
> Install services that require 24 hours on-line and need maximum power, like game servers, trading, e-learning, etc.
> Available with American or European IP’s, for the best conectivity to your favourite applications: gambling, streaming, IP Voice, downloads, etc.

In short, whatever you need, with the thrust of being accompanied with the best customer service, and an exceptional 24h support.