Day Zero

We managed to register the domain: it was available. We fell in love with Gigas as a brand from the first moment, and were convinced we had a great name for an ambitious project we had been playing with in our heads. Later on we purchased the rest of our domains:,,,,,,, etc… We also officially registered the Brand “Gigas” with the Spanish Patents and Brands Office. It was finally ours.

The project couldn’t be more ambitious: to build a powerful and innovative company from scratch, completely focused on cloud hosting and the IT paradigm shift it represents. After much study and analysis we decided to go ahead; the opportunity was clear. But the challenge was huge and it could only be executed by gathering a top team, young and enthusiastic yet mature and experienced. And sharing a common obsession: “a top implementation followed by the best customer service”. And we managed to put together that “A” team. Many of us here at Gigas have worked together in up to three different companies, and over 80% of us have already worked together at least once. We know each other well, very well.

Once the team was assembled and the development underway, we were able to close our funding round as planned, with a great pool of investors. We have to thank every one of them for the trust and support they have put in this team and the project.

And here we are, after intense months of hard work, just a few days away from launching Gigas to the world. Gigas is very demanding on all levels, maybe the most complex project we have executed so far (and we have done a few, like Terra,, Telecable, O2, Fon, etc…), but still we are quite pleased with how Gigas is looking.

Today we are excited about opening this blog and being able to start providing an increased visibility into everything we’ve been doing, which we will continue doing with the utmost dedication and drive in order to reach our objectives: to be the preferred choice for powerful cloud hosting services for professionals and small and medium enterprises. We will reach beyond ourselves, from the first of us to the last, by providing excellent service and personalized, expert customer care.

These past months have been very intense and we are very fortunate for being able to turn an idea into a project. Gigas is now a reality, cloud hosting made easy.

This is how it will be explained on what Gigas is:

Gigas is a company created with the sole objective of offering advanced cloud hosting solutions to all kinds of clients, in a simple, reliable, scalable, efficient and cost effective way, with the great obsession of providing a level of excellence in service quality and, particularly, in customer care.

During the next few days we will continue sharing all that can possibly be shared, presenting screen shots, pictures, experiences and all what we consider worthy of being shared, until Gigas´ official commercial launch.

This is our Day Zero, and we open this window only a short time ahead of inviting all the pioneers that signed up in our website to try, enjoy and use Gigas in all its power. For those of you who haven’t yet signed up, we invite you to do so. We´ll make sure the effort of writing somewhat 30 characters is worth your while ;) We also look forward to receiving your comments and questions.

Finally, aside from this humble blog, we also continuously monitor our twitter account, @gigas, where all kinds of comments and questions are welcomed.

Greetings and thanks from the Gigas Team.