Gigas in the Spanish version of MIT Technology Review

Gigas brings his vision and experience in the entrepreneurship barometer of success in Spain” through an interview with our CEO Diego Cabezudo. The document has been created by the prestigious MIT Technology Review in Spanish.

With a curious and original approach, MIT Technology Review in Spanish discovers a series of data based on real experiences which are completed with the vision of the world of entrepreneurship expert advice. Thanks to a precise and meticulous work the report has succeeded in defining concept of success, as the characteristics of entrepreneurs who have achieved and the factors that have been key to this.

In the case studies section (page 14), you can find the vision and experience of Diego Cabezudo who summarizing gigas’ successful with the following sentence: “It is necessary to choose people who are better than yourself and know how motivate and guide them, since the growth of the company depends not only on the entrepreneur”.